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COVideo19: Bloomberg School Students Translate the Science


COVideo19 is an initiative led by students and faculty at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health aimed at disseminating science-based information about COVID19. We want to make it easy for you and your loved ones to learn how to stay safe during this pandemic that has cost so many lives around the world.

So far, we have educational videos translated into the following languages (more to come!):

Please share these videos and let people know how much you care. #COVID19 #coronavirus #jhsph #flattenthecurve #Pandemic.

See also our companion Q&A videos that explain key questions about COVID-19—in English below, and also available in many of the languages linked above:

Project Credits: The project is led by Charles Ng, MBBS, MPH, and Nhi Dinh, MSPH (expected 2021). Nhi also serves as the animation director and video editor. Alain Labrique, PhD MHS MS; Rupali Limaye, PhD, MPH, MA; and Michelle Colder Carras, PhD serve as the faculty advisors. The English Q&As are narrated by Zachary Berliner.

The content was developed by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health students including: Shuoci Su, Rui Chen, You Wang, Andrew Yu, Stephanie Mou, Naosato Shibata, CiJoon Jeong, Cynthia Li, Song, John Yoon, Christin Ko, Xinjie Cindy Yin, Zachary Berliner, Alexandra Mueller, Alex Zimmer, Paulina Sosa, Alia Sunderji, Karina Chavarria, Karim Medlej, Nika Elmi, Alix Faddoul, Jaymie Brooks Dumproff, Haley Budigan, Kirsten Evans, Erin Beasley, Annelise Long, Alexis Dowiak, Sadie Derouin, Spruha Kurlekar, Thakshayeni Skanthakumar, Hunied Kautsar, Ekamol Tantisattamo, Malvikha Manoj, Neha Shanker, Nhi Dinh, and Charles Ng.

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