J. Cavanaugh Simpson

J. Cavanaugh Simpson (MA '97, MFA) is a Lecturer in Johns Hopkins University's Writing Seminars and a Pulitzer Center 2020 Fellow. A former staff writer for the Miami Herald and Johns Hopkins Magazine among other publications, she has also published in The Washington Post, The Rumpus, The Sun literary magazine, and Creative Nonfiction, as well as in the book collections Letters to J.D. Salinger (University of Wisconsin Press) and Signs of Life in the USA (Bedford/St. Martin’s). As a foreign correspondent, Cavanaugh Simpson has written for such venues as the Baltimore Sun, reporting from Argentina, India, Nepal, China and Cuba. She earned her master's from Hopkins' Writing Seminars, with thesis support from Harvard University's Goldsmith Research Award; and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College, where she earned the Christine White Award in literary nonfiction. She is also a recipient of an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Arts Innovation Grant to foster the next generation of scientist essayists.