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Global Health NOW (GHN) is a free weekday e-newsletter filled with the latest global health news—breaking reports on health crises, research, policy, and more. Since 2014, we've delivered over 2,100 issues to 50,000+ readers across the world—and we're hoping you and your peers are some of them. 

Our newsletter has endless real world applications for students and educators. 

  • It can be a great classroom conversation-starter—giving students real-world examples of topics covered in lectures.
  • It’s a mobile-friendly tool to help students stay up-to-date on the latest news—from the screen they’re likely already on. 
  • Our content can spark ideas for new projects and collaborations.
  • We feature opportunities—webinars, fellowships, MOOCs, networking opportunities, etc. that can help you move studies forward.

"Lifelong learners” who are curious about science and global health can keep up with the essential health news.

  • Our content can help you connect the dots between research and real-world events.
  • We share network and career-advancing opportunities from organizations around the world.

And, GHN is a great tool for global health program administrators and communicators.

  • We'll help you stay informed about global health issues.
  • See what other schools are doing with their health programs.
  • Gain leadership insights from global health thought leaders.
  • Send us your school's latest news for a chance to be featured.
We're also proud to share our Local Reporting Initiative. We're building up a network of journalists around the world to tell global health stories with a local’s keen eye—reporting on stories overlooked and neglected by the mainstream media, straight from the countries affected, while supporting international journalists.


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